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Arkansas State Claims Commission

The Claims Commission's primary function is the hearing and adjudication of claims against the state of Arkansas, its agencies and institutions. It serves as a fact-finding body for the General Assembly. The Commission hears and determines claims for property damage, personal injury, refunds and breach of contract, then makes its recommendation to the General Assembly of awarding monetary damages.

Arkansas State Claims Commission
Arkansas State Claims Commission
Arkansas State Claims Commission
Arkansas State Claims Commission

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a filing fee?
Can I fax you a form?
No, claim forms must be originals and they must be notarized.
After I file my claim, how long does it normally take for the matter to be resolved?
That depends on the circumstances of the claim and the agency response, but you may expect, at minimum, a 6-8 week resolution time frame.
Will the Claims Commission notify the Respondent for me?
How many copies of claims and answers do you need?
We require the original, plus 4 copies. If you would like a file marked copy back, you will need to provide the original and 5 copies.
What happens if the Respondent agency denies my claim?
The Claims Commission will contact you, giving you the option to request a hearing.
Will I need an attorney?
No - an attorney is not required, however, the Claims Commission leaves it up to the Claimant to decide if he/she requires an attorney.
Do I need to respond to a motion?
Yes. You have 10 working days to respond to a "Motion to Dismiss" and 20 calendar days to respond to a "Motion for Summary Judgment".
The Claims Commission dismissed my claim. What is my recourse?
You may file a "Motion for Reconsideration" or appeal to the General Assembly.
Am I required to file interrogatories with the Claims Commission?

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