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Commissioner of State Lands

Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands Tommy Land

Arkansas's current Land Commissioner is Tommy Land. Elected in the 2018 election, Commissioner Land was sworn-in in January 2019 and holds a four-year term. The Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands office is primarily tasked with the disposition of tax delinquent property in the state, among other duties provided in the Arkansas Constitution. Click the links below to learn more about services offered by each division.

Key Services

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Commissioner of State Lands
Commissioner of State Lands
Commissioner of State Lands
Commissioner of State Lands
Executive Office
["Post Auction Sales List","Arkansas Historical Land Records","Land Sale Excess Proceeds Search","Delinquent Parcel Petition Request","Tax Delinquent Parcel Search","Arkansas Natural Resources Committee","Mineral Leasing on State Owned Lands","Capitol Office Tours"]

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of sales do you hold?
We conduct public auctions of lands that were forfeited to the state for non-payment of real property taxes. They are held once a year in the county where the property is located.
How do I know which properties will be available for sale?
The Commissioner of State Lands publishes a legal notice in the county newspaper prior to the sale. Parcel information for upcoming the auctions is also available on the COSL website,, under Public Auction Catalog. This information is updated daily.
How can I get more information on a particular piece of property (e.g. location, structures, etc.)?
You should contact the county assessor.
Who is entitled to redeem property from the Commissioner of State Lands office?
Record owners, heirs, assigns and agents of record owners are entitled to redeem property. Also, persons or entities with recorded interests, such as lien holders, may also be entitled to redeem.
What kind of title do I get if I purchase land at one of the auctions?
The state executes a Limited Warranty Deed, which conveys whatever interest the state has in the property to the purchaser.
When will I receive my Limited Warranty Deed?
Deeds cannot be issued until after the 10 business day redemption period has expired and all checks have cleared.
How does a successful bidder pay for the property?
The full purchase price (amount of the successful bid plus tax due as stated in the catalog) must be paid the day of the auction. The first $100 of EACH PARCEL PURCHASED must be paid in cash, cashier’s check or money order. The remainder may be paid by a personal or corporate check.
Should I make improvements to property I purchase at tax sales?
It is recommended that no significant improvements be made to the property prior to the expiration of the 90 day litigation period.
What happens if the sale is set aside, or the Commissioner or judge declares the deed void?
In the event a sale or deed is canceled by the Commissioner or a judge, the purchaser is entitled to a full refund (no interest accruing) of all monies paid to the state for the purchase of the property. In addition, all taxes, penalties, interest and costs due on the property must be paid by the party challenging the tax sale or deed.
Can I redeem or purchase delinquent mineral rights from the Commissioner of State Lands office?
Tax delinquent mineral interests may be redeemed at any time. In some limited situations, the mineral rights may be purchased from the Commissioner of State Lands.

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