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Division of Workforce Services

The Arkansas Workforce Development Board is appointed by the governor and serves as a convener of state, regional and local workforce system partners to enhance the capacity and performance of the workforce development system; align and improve employment, training and education programs; and, through these efforts promote economic growth. As a strategic convener, the Arkansas Workforce Development Board promotes partnerships and engages key stakeholders.


Through the leadership of the Arkansas Workforce Development Board, the state can ensure that the workforce development system in Arkansas is customer driven, for both job seekers and employers. This effort includes aligning federal investments in job training, integrating service delivery across programs and ensuring that the workforce system is job-driven and matches employers with skilled individuals.


The vision for the Arkansas Workforce Development Delivery System by the Arkansas Workforce Development Board (AWDB) provides standards for a high-quality workforce center including customer service, innovation and service design, and systems integration and high-quality staffing.  This publicly funded workforce system is designed to increase access to, opportunities for, the employment, education, training, and support services that individuals need to succeed in the labor market, particularly those with barriers to employment. The management of the Arkansas delivery system is a shared responsibility of the State, Local Workforce Development Boards, Chief-Elected Officials, core WIOA partners, other required partners, and workforce center operators.

Key Services

Unemployment Insurance (UI) Wage and Tax Filing Unemployment Insurance (UI) Tax Employer Registration Jobs | Arkansas JobLink Work Pay Veterans TANF Labor Market Information Job Service


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Department of Commerce - Division of Workforce Services
Department of Commerce - Division of Workforce Services
Division of Workforce Services
["Unemployment Insurance (UI) Wage and Tax Filing","Unemployment Insurance (UI) Tax Employer Registration","Jobs | Arkansas JobLink","Work Pay","Veterans","TANF","Labor Market Information","Job Service"]