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Arkansas Tobacco Control | FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to sell cigarettes or tobacco products?
There is no age limit, just follow the labor laws.
When does my permit expire?
All permits expire on June 30 of each year. All permit renewals postmarked after June 30 will be assessed a late fee of double the permit fee plus the permit fee. The expiration date is in the upper left-hand corner of your permit. If the permit has expired, you are NOT allowed to purchase or sell any cigarettes or tobacco products until we have received your payment and issued your permit. Anyone who purchases or sells any cigarettes or tobacco products while their permit is expired is subject to hefty fines and/or permit suspension. When paying for your permit, we accept CREDIT CARD, CHECK or MONEY ORDER.
What are the fines and penalties if I sell to a minor?
Arkansas Tobacco Control fines and penalties to the permit holder are:

1st Offense Not to exceed $ 250.00
2nd Offense Not to exceed $ 500.00 and 2 day suspension
3rd Offense Not to exceed $1,000.00 and 7 day suspension
4th Offense Not to exceed $2,000.00 and 14 day suspension
5th Offense Not to exceed $2,000.00 and revocation of permit
Note: 2nd through 5th offenses are within 48 months of the first offense

Sales clerk fine for the criminal offense is up to $100.00 plus court costs Be sure to check ID’s closely before selling cigarettes or tobacco products!