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Division of Arkansas Heritage

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The Department of Arkansas Heritage was created in 1975 to preserve and promote Arkansas’s heritage as a source of pride and enjoyment for all. It consists of eight divisions, that is, four museums and four heritage resource divisions, each providing Arkansas information resources and unique contributions to the preservation and promotion of Arkansas heritage.

A central Director’s Office coordinates and promotes division efforts to make our Arkansas information and materials accessible to all through annual heritage and cultural events, educational resources and special publications. We believe that understanding and appreciating our heritage makes us better citizens. Knowing who we are and where we come from lets us create a better future for us all. Please join us in our efforts to make that goal a reality.


Heritage Museums in Arkansas:

Delta Cultural Center

Delta Cultural Center chronicles the legacy of the Arkansas Delta

Historic Arkansas Museum

Historic Arkansas Museum interprets pioneer life on the Arkansas frontier

Mosaic Templars Cultural Center

Mosaic Templars Cultural Center promotes the story of Arkansas’s African-Americans from 1870 to the present

Old State House Museum

Old State House Museum illustrates Arkansas’s political past

Heritage Resource Divisions:

Arkansas Arts Council 

Arkansas Arts Council advances and empowers the arts in Arkansas

Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission 

Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission establishes and maintains a system of Natural Areas, including a central repository on endangered species

Arkansas Historic Preservation Program

Arkansas Historic Preservation Program manages the state’s historic and cultural resources and operates the Main Street Arkansas program 

Arkansas Historic Preservation Program

Arkansas State Archives keeps and cares for the official archives of the State of Arkansas

Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism
Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism - Division of Arkansas Heritage
Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism - Division of Arkansas Heritage
Division of Arkansas Heritage