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Division of Information Systems (DIS)

The Division of Information Systems (DIS) is the premier information technology products and solutions provider for the state.

DIS provides over $80 million in IT products and solutions to approximately 300 state agencies, boards and commissions, K-12 public schools, business and administrative departments of higher education, cities and counties, and public safety organizations across the state.

DIS is the engine that keeps public systems operational. It is responsible for managing the private state network dedicated for the sole use of over 1,500 governmental sites throughout the state. DIS works 24/7/365 to ensure that the network is constantly available to these sites responsible for delivering public services to the citizens of Arkansas. Some examples include systems for motor vehicle registrations, driver’s license renewal, child support information, unemployment insurance claims, public financial and food assistance programs, electronic offender tracking and management, and the public school computer network financial management software.

The IT professionals employed at DIS are responsible for the agency’s core competencies including:

• Internet Connectivity

• Secure Data Center Hosting

• Virtual Private Cloud for Public Sector

• Data Analytics

• Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

• Voicemail & Email

• Audio & Video Conferencing

• Tape, Data Storage and Backup Services

• Network Security

• Windows Desktop Support

• Application Development

• Cybersecurity

• Business Continuity

• Disaster Planning and Recovery

• Systems Integration

Because information and data are considered to be strategic assets, security is a key decision driver at DIS. The department is home to the State Cybersecurity Office which serves as the front line of defense in keeping the state’s data safe from intrusion. The agency maintains network monitoring tools that also function 24/7/365 to ensure that citizen and government data flowing across the network is kept secure, private and confidential and is inaccessible to hackers. These tools help block 600K spam emails each day and correlate billions of events daily looking for malicious traffic.

DIS hosts some of the state’s most critical applications, including the state’s web portal, This portal allows citizens to access online public services and showcases the state’s economic benefits and exceptional quality of life to visitors to the state, as well as prospective business and industry.

Key Services

DIS Call Center Assistance Request Technology Investigation State Web Technology State Video Transmission State Technology Services State Network Connectivity State IT Planning State Internet Access State E-Mail Services State Data Processing


Department of Transformation and Shared Services
Department of Transformation and Shared Services - Division of Information Systems (DIS)
Department of Transformation and Shared Services - Division of Information Systems (DIS)
Division of Information Systems (DIS)
["DIS Call Center Assistance Request","Technology Investigation","State Web Technology","State Video Transmission","State Technology Services","State Network Connectivity","State IT Planning","State Internet Access","State E-Mail Services","State Data Processing"]